Well, at least it wasn’t Obama mom jeans

So. As everyone knows, yesterday was a big day in sports. The Redskins got Donovan McNabb, stupid Duke is the NCAA champion, and it was the Nationals home opener. Obama threw the first pitch:


Meh. So the Prez isn’t great at baseball. Sort of a high and outside floater. Yes, the Sox hat with the Nats jacket was unfortunate. I mean, not as unfortunate as the 11-1 loss that followed (way to start things off Nats) but, unfortunate enough that he received cheers and boos. However, the outfit was way better than last year’s all star game, I’ll give him that:

God. The mom jeans. Sort of creased at the thigh, straight leg, paired with awkward white hospital sneakers. What were you thinking Obama? The pitch wasn’t that great either. Oh well, this time we got a Nats jacket. So excited for baseball! Mostly the hot dogs. But excited nonetheless.

One thought on “Well, at least it wasn’t Obama mom jeans

  1. Not trying to pick a fight, but throwing a baseball while wearing a bullet proof vest (one that is strong enough to stop a high powered round) is really not an easy thing to do.

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