Best of DC winners and some DCspy opinions

Ok kids. The Best of DC results are in. Now, last time some DC results were in (i.e. my James Beard post), I thought I would get all bloggery and say “hey readers, let me know your thoughts!!” You know, because that’s what blogs do.

Yeah. You all failed. Basically, none of you commented except for empire state elitist who did not comment on the restaurants at all and instead talked about how much DC food sucks. Way to snark up the comments section.  ANYWAYS, learning from my mistakes, I have highlighted some of the Best of DC winners, MY thoughts, and could effing care less if you comment. take THAT…

  • Best Coffee: Tryst. Agree. OK. I know, Tryst is SO the obvious choice. It is. But it’s good too. The desserts and coffee are EXCELLENT, the chairs are comfy. The only downside would be the crowds. Try Midcity caffe or Steam Cafe for a more low key, but quality, place to get coffee and use the internet. Both don’t care if you camp out.
  • Best Place to take a Out of Towner: Busboys and Poets with the National Mall as a runner up. WTF? You would take someone who was coming to DC for the first/second time to Busboys and Poets before any landmark, museum, garden etc? Someone is too hipster for their own good. And why isn’t any smithsonian anything mentioned. DC is the only city with free museums people!!
  • Best Clothing Boutique: Nana DC. Agree. Love Nana, stock beautiful things, based in sustainable design and rotate inventory regularly.
  • Best Rooftop Bar: Reef. DISAGREE. Come ON. Maybe “best rooftop bar with a side of date rape.” Reef is a sardine bar on weekends. What about Perry’s? The nice hotel rooftops? Marvin? Man, I would even go to Clarendon Ballroom first, at least there is space.
  • Best place to smoke weed: Home. Disagree, what kind of answer is that?? Lame DC.  But agree that Malcolm X park (placed second) could get the gold. You would have fountains and parks and alot of company, especially if you like rasta-homeless.  If it were places to go AFTER smoking weed however, the list changes. Monuments at night are a favorite of all stoners that love America.
  • Best local college or university: Georgetown. Damn straight.
  • Best Up and Coming Neighborhood: H Street Corridor. Agree. Go gentrification! Not metro accessible though, and who knows what is going on with the “trolley”
  • Best Metro Stop: Dupont Circle. Disagree? I mean to be honest, any stop that has more than one line would win. The red line sucks. Stupid category
  • Best Local Scandal: Marion Barry with the white house crashers as a runner up. Agree if and only if Capitol Hill scandals don’t count. White House crashers was stupid and lame. Shouldn’t even be in Marion Barry’s league
  • Best Music Venue: 9:30 Club. Agree. Like Tryst, people will yell about this. But look, I have been to many music venues in DC and elsewhere, but seeing Arcade Fire when Funeral was first released at the 9:30 club was one of the best concerts i have ever been to. Its an intimate, wonderful venue and DC should own its wonderfulness.
  • Best Bookstore: Kramer Books. Disagree. Too difficult to actually sit and enjoy a book there with the noise and the cafe. Some of the other local haunts I blogged about like Idle Time, Politics and Prose etc. I would prefer
  • Best Vintage Clothing: Meeps. Kind of Agree. Meeps is in Adams Morgan and is classic vintage, i.e. racks and racks and racks, so you have to be in the mood. Treasury and Junction are more ‘vintage boutiques’ so are pared down. Depends what you like. UPSIDE: They are all within walking distance of one another so just visit all of them at the same time!

OK. This is exhausting, there are like 100+ awards in the food & drink category alone (not to mention the other 3) and I am craving a SNACK:

DELICIOUS. As a final comment, I will say that though I love Best of DC,  I felt like there were too many categories, with many of them seeming gimmicky, especially in the experts section. Like “best alternative to churchkey”, “best retrospective sans fries,” “best band quietly readying a new release,” ”Best Unnecessary Busboys and Poets Location,” ”Best avant garde savior.” Like they are cute, but it gets very overwhelming very fast when you are looking at 300+ of them.

However, if you are looking to procrastinate at work, this is a great resource and really does highlight some parts of the city. Any cuisine or retail anything you could ever conceive is in this list, so take a look. AND apologies for two long posts in a row, tomorrow will be more managable.

6 thoughts on “Best of DC winners and some DCspy opinions

  1. Leaving another comment. I glanced through some of the food and drink selections and I’m sorely disappointed. Cafe Asia as best Asian food?! Einstein came in 3rd for bagels? Who reviews this, hicks from Iowa who have never actually eaten real food? Seriously?

    Also, the categories are really unhelpful.

  2. Haven’t been to most of these spots, but where’s the W for best rooftop bar? I mean it looks out over the WHITE HOUSE. Reef looks out over puking obnoxious college students, recent grads and other dislikable populations. Also, the H St shuttle is SUPER convenient, which I would argue makes it “metro accessible” in fact….

  3. “Best local college or university: Georgetown. Damn straight.”

    I suppose this category didn’t take into account NCAA performance

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