Paddles the Beaver and Other District News

Paddles the Cherry Blossom Mascot

You didn’t know the cherry blossom festival had a mascot? Yeah, neither did I. Not to mention beavers have absolutely nothing to do with cherry blossoms.  Or Japanese culture. I mean, Paddles might chop down cherry trees to add more branches to his (her? gender-neutral?) dam, but a cherry tree maiming mascot doesn’t seem appropriate. That being said, children will like Paddles, and they will like stuffed animal Paddles sold at marked-up prices at the National Mall even more. Can’t say the same for ‘branchy’ the stuffed cherry blossom branch. You can hang out with Paddles at the festival tomorrow. Details here.

In other news, Syracuse lost, adding another Big East abomination to the tournament, the caps choked, and I’m starting to see some green on the trees. Here is the weekly news roundup:

Politico Poll finds tea partiers to be Republican, white and dissatisfied with America. Yeah. Not sure that was worth the effort (Politico)

Does a pro athelete bringing 4 guns into the Verizon Center locker room warrant jail time? We’ll find out  today (WTOP)

Legislation to legalize medical marijuana will be introduced next week. Stoners  won’t notice (DCist)

Please, be nice in the comments section. Sensitive 14th St. wine bar owner threatens to sue U Street Girl for blog comments

New Eisenhower memorial design is Gehry interesting indeed. Oh yes, I did go there (Washington Post)

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  8. So, SURPRISE! Not a spam comment like the rest of this junk XP Anyway, Paddles is a bit of irony from the great attack led by the team of three beavers in 1999. I just think the irony is awesome.

    In fact, so awesome, I had an outburst in the gift store – I took a stuffed beaver and thrust it at my cherry blossom pin going “OM NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM”.

    If you couldn’t tell, I love Paddles.

  9. Love the mascot. Curious about its origins and what stance was finally taken on the tree chewing beavers long ago. Is there a beaver management policy in place? And is their any recognition of the larger good that beavers do for wetlands and wildlife? If the cherry trees are a no-tolerance beaver zone, and the festival is making funds from adopting a beaver mascot, maybe some portion of proceeds should be directed toward beaver advocacy?
    Heidi Perryman, Ph.D.
    President & Founder
    Worth A Dam

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