My idiot brother comes to town and health care passes

Idiot Brother and his Profession

So my idiot brother is staying with me for 10 days, which means posts may not be timely as usual. Just a heads up, dear reader. Only reader (thanks mom).

In other news, big weekend in the District. Health care passed last night. Dems are elated. Republicans are threatening to move places. I mean, I guess they are. Though I don’t know where they would move. Europe and Canada are basically axed. ANYWAYS, many Americans on both sides reacted strongly, despite not knowing what the bill actually contains. This is not a political blog, so I will not discuss the issue, but check any media outlet in any location at any time EVER and I’m sure you’ll find a forum.  

In other less important, but more blogworthy news: my BRACKETS. My brackets are, as a dear friend put it, Terri Schiavo’ed. Not technically dead, but I’m just about ready to pull the plug. Kansas choked, Nova choked, the Hoyas choked. WVU is my last lifeline. My last, terrible Big East dependent lifeline. Jesus.

Will post again today. In the meantime, read about the health care bill if you haven’t already. It does affect you and I know you have time if you are reading this.

5 thoughts on “My idiot brother comes to town and health care passes

  1. You’re right that Republicans can’t move to Europe or Canada, since those social democratic hellholes are even more Stalinist than the now-very-Stalinist USA. Republicans should consider moving to Saudi Arabia. No income taxes. No labor unions. No pro-consumer regulation. No gays. No religious minorities. A constitution written by God. Patriarchal supremacy. It’s their dream come true.

  2. Wow, Victoria Beckham reads you blog, Spy. That is blogtastic! Also, I believe Rush Limbaugh promised to leave the country if the health bill passed. Please pretty please let it be true. Maybe he’ll move to whatever mystical tropical island Boehner gets his tan at. And then an episode of Lost will take place and they’ll all be sent back to 1873.

  3. would it be possible to translate your website into spanish because i have difficulties of speaking to english, and as there are not many pictures on your website i would like to read more of what you are writting.

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